London life can be stressful AF, so we’re helping people unwind through knitting and crochet. It’s got numerous therapeutic benefits, and by following one of our patterns, you get a super cute soft toy at the end.

Once you’ve made your soft toy, you can either keep him as a friend, or send him back to us for free. We donate all the bears we receive to our charity partner HIHFAD, who support displaced children in Syria.

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All the materials we provide - from wool to toy stuffing to tote bags - are 100% recycled. Just for extra peace of mind. You can pick up a kit with everything you need by clicking below. All profits from our shop also go to HIHFAD.


Chloe and Tas, two crochet-loving creatives who wanted to turn our hobby into a force for good. When we’re not making bears, you can find us coming up with ideas at Waste Creative.